Full Spectrum CBD Sour Gummy Worms 1500mg

$70.00 USD

Sour gummy worms are a classic candy that many enjoyed throughout childhood. Now get the best of both worlds with our CBD sour gummy worms, enjoy the flavor bursting from these gummies with high quality full-spectrum CBD. 

These sour gummy worms are one of our top selling CBD products, each worm has two flavors and contain 8mg of CBD, perfect for those who want small doses. 

If you're a first-time CBD customer and aren't sure if a CBD regimen is suitable for you. Or, if you already love CBD and want to ensure you enjoy the taste of our sour gummy worms, then check out our Sour Worm CBD Gummy Sample Packs; these samplers are only $9.99 and provide 4-5 doses of CBD.

Full spectrum CBD sour worm gummies containing .03% or less THC, the legal maximum.  

-Gluten Free

-Dairy Free

-Non GMO

-Made in america

-Lab Tested

Lab Report