Full Spectrum CBD Neon Rings Gummies

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These jars of neon gummy rings are packed with the 99.99%-pure CBD, giving you a tasty way to ingest your CBD.

These CBD neon ring gummies are 20.5mg per ring! Each ring is also dual-flavored, giving this jar a great variety in flavor that keeps it amongst the best sellers on Best Buds.

If it's your first time trying CBD  and you aren't sure if a CBD regimen is suitable for you. Or, if you already love CBD and want to ensure you enjoy the taste of our neon gummy rings, then check out our Neon Ring CBD Gummy Sample Packs; these samplers are only $9.99 and provide 4-5 doses of CBD.

Full spectrum CBD neon ring gummys containing .03% or less THC, the legal maximum.  

-Gluten Free

-Dairy Free

-Non GMO

-Made in america

-Lab Tested