CBD: The Athlete's Secret Weapon for Recovery and Performance

CBD has quickly become a household name within the past five years. It went from relative obscurity before 2018 in most folk's minds to one of the most popular supplements on the market. It doesn't get you high like its notorious cousin THC, yet it still yields great health benefits, especially to athletes and training to maintain a healthy lifestyle. On this page, we will explore the benefits of CBD for athletes and will pull information from three interviews we had regarding CBD use for athletic performance and recovery.

Many people are trying to extend their athletic ability as long into their lives as possible, and for good reason! Numerous studies show that staying in shape and maintaining an active lifestyle as we age is essential. A great example of this is the fastest-growing sport in America, Pickleball! Pickleball appeals to all ages; however, it has a strong resonance with the senior community and is helping older people remain in shape and live longer healthier lives.

Bouncing back is crucial for competing athletes and those with rigorous training schedules, and that's where CBD comes marching in. With its ability to ease inflammation and dull pain, it's like a whispered secret in the athletic community, which isn't quite a secret anymore. And the word is spreading fast, especially since the legal shackles are off in many places, and the World Anti-Doping Agency gave it a nod. Now, athletes are diving into the CBD wave, seeking that extra edge in recovery.

We've gathered insights from three remarkable individuals—each bringing a unique and diverse point of view on how CBD can be helpful to people who train and play sports. Through their eyes, we'll explore the potential of CBD in enhancing athletic performance and speeding up the recovery process. In addition, we will explore which CBD-related products on our website you can order today to help with your performance and recovery.

We interviewed Theresa Barakat, a stellar online health and fitness coach who's lighting up Instagram with her fitness journey. Next up was Mike, a South Florida native turned trainer after an athletic career, steering the ship at MC Fitness with over 15 years of athletic prowess. And not to be missed is Dr. Ariana Fontenot, a seasoned physical therapist from Slight Motion Physical Therapy, blending her expertise to aid in holistic healing. Each of these individuals has woven CBD into their professional tapestry, and they're here to share their firsthand experience with our CBD from Best Buds.

Theresa Bakarat (Smoke Show Soul)

Meet Theresa Bakarat, one of Raleigh's best trainers and fitness influencers.


Insights from Theresa Barakat

Theresa Barakat is not just a fitness enthusiast but a harbinger of wellness. Her journey, highlighted on her vibrant Instagram platform, is a testament to the transformative power of a balanced lifestyle. Theresa's mantra concerns the symbiotic relationship between strenuous exercise and restorative recovery. One of the stars in her recovery toolkit is CBD.

She underscores the importance of sleep in an athlete's recovery routine. "CBD helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep, giving your body the proper recovery time it needs," she remarks. The tranquility CBD potentially offers is like a balm to athletes' restless minds and aching bodies.

Theresa also points out the tension and stress that often lurk in our bodies, sometimes unbeknownst to us. She notes that CBD can play a role in alleviating this silent adversary, which in turn could reduce cortisol levels and inflammation. It's about nurturing a body that's been pushed hard, offering a respite as natural as the exertion.

Looking beyond, Theresa envisions a future where the wellness narrative leans more towards natural remedies like CBD and away from traditional medications. The goal? Accelerate the journey towards robust health and prime athletic performance. It's about taking a route that's effective and harmonious with the body's innate rhythms.

Mike of MC Fitness

Owner of MC Fitness Performance & Training. A South Florida native with over 15 plus years of being an athlete at the highest level


Delving into Mike's World at MC Fitness

Mike, the mastermind behind MC Fitness, channels his expertise to train athletes at both collegiate and professional tiers. His gym, nestled in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, is a haven for athletes keen on elevating their game.

Mike's endorsement of CBD stems from personal and observed benefits among his clientele. "From personal experience with myself and my pro athletes, we've experienced: help with inflammation, pain relief, improves quality of sleep which also helps with recovery and muscle growth. Also helps with reducing anxiety and stress," he shares.

His journey resonates with the mantra of turning setbacks into setups for future successes, "I'm a South Florida native, with over 15 years of being an athlete at the highest level converted into a trainer after my career was cut short due to injuries. Taking this setback as motivation, I dedicated this time to understanding the most effective and efficient way to train clients in every aspect."

His approach at MC Fitness is holistic, weaving in CBD as part of a broader recovery blueprint. "Daily, every night before bed, I take my CBD to help me relax; if you're a business owner, you can all relate. Which also helps me get the sleep I need for recovery and recharging," Mike notes on his personal CBD routine.

MC Fitness is a choice destination for those in the Fort Lauderdale area looking to step up their fitness regimen. Mike's nuanced understanding of athletic training and a forward-thinking approach towards recovery make his gym a forge for potential athletic prowess.

Dr. Ariana Fontenot

Ariana is a Fort Lauderdale native. She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Florida International University (FIU) and Bachelors of Science in Exercise & Sport Science from the University of Central Florida (UCF).

Ariana is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES). She developed her passion for physical therapy after knee surgery and is a 3x soccer State Champion


Dr. Ariana Fontenot's Take on CBD for Pain Relief

Dr. Ariana Fontenot, a revered physical therapist, elucidates how CBD has found its way into her practice, especially in the realm of pain management. "I've incorporated CBD primarily as a complementary therapy, often in cases of chronic pain, inflammation, or anxiety-related conditions," she shares.

In her narrative, a tale unfolds of a patient battling persistent lower back pain due to a herniated disc. "My patient reported a significant reduction in pain and improved mobility over several weeks when using CBD lotion instead of regular lotion. This allowed us to intensify their physical therapy exercises, resulting in remarkable progress," Dr. Fontenot recounts.

The takeaway here is profound: CBD isn't portrayed as a miracle cure but as a part of a comprehensive approach to managing pain and enhancing rehabilitation. This, in turn, is a stepping stone towards enduring athletic performance and longevity.

She also spotlights a scenario involving an athlete recovering from a sports injury, where CBD expedited the healing process, reducing swelling and pain. "The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD appeared to expedite the healing process, reducing swelling and pain. This facilitated a quicker return to their sport and a more efficient rehabilitation journey," she notes.

Through Dr. Fontenot's lens, CBD emerges not as a standalone solution but as a synergistic companion to conventional physical therapy, potentially enabling athletes to push past the barriers of pain and embrace a long, thriving career in sports.


Which CBD Products From Best Buds Are Suitable For Athletes? 

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies:

These gummies are convenient and tasty for athletes to incorporate CBD into their routine. Full Spectrum CBD is known for preserving the full range of cannabinoids, potentially amplifying the benefits. Athletes may find these beneficial for stress relief and better sleep, essential for recovery and performance. The only potential drawback here is that CBD gummies are candy and contain sugar. While many people do not care about the sugar levels from a few CBD gummies, some adhere to rigorous diets and would be more suited for a tincture.

CBD Pain Relief Products:

This collection offers various products to address muscle soreness and joint pain, common issues faced by athletes. Topical applications like creams and balms provide localized relief, which is essential for recovering quickly and returning to training. We offer a CBD cream and a CBD pain roll-on; many people use both to help deal with minor pain issues that prevent them from training more.

Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures & Oil:

Tinctures and oils provide a more direct and potent dose of CBD. They can be taken sublingually for fast absorption, aiding in quicker relief from pain and inflammation. This category suits athletes looking for efficient recovery and those managing chronic pain. We have numerous CBD tincture options available on Best Buds and will continually add more; this is ideal for those who want pure CBD, not the sugar and candy in gummies.

There is quite a supporting body of evidence that CBD can play a helpful role for athletes and those seeking a healthier lifestyle. The importance of proper sleep and lower stress levels on your overall health and well-being is profound, and CBD is so helpful in these areas. Recovery is critical for athletes; only a few natural supplements can rival how CBD helps. If you think CBD is correct, please browse our collections and order today! Join the millions of people worldwide taking advantage of nature's wonders!