We Apologize For Our Absence - But We Had Too Much Fun Best Buds Style!!

May 09, 2022

We're sorry for the past few weeks, as we have been somewhat MIA from our blogging efforts and keeping you up to date with what's going on at Best Buds.

The owners of Best Buds CBD Store, Justin & Steve, also plan routine trips with other like-minded people who enjoy the great outdoors our beautiful home state of Florida has to offer.

A few weeks back, we took our annual camping pilgrimage to Ginnie Springs for Justin's B-day, with a fantastic spot on the river and a group of amazing people to spend the time with...well all we can say is it was a blast!

Who doesn't love crystal clear springs, floating with friends down a river, bonding with friends over a campfire, and rope jumping? Of course, we all love rope jumping.

We did have plans to shoot a lot of cool Best Buds promo footage while camping. HOWEVER, we were all so wrapped up living in the moment and leaving the real world behind that it never actually happened LOL.

That being said, we did get great pictures and footage of the trip...just not anything promo-related to our brand.

Justin recently updated our YouTube account with a video highlighting how awesome of a time it was; check it out below.