Top 10 Questions Athletes Have About Taking Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies!

Top 10 Questions Athletes Have About Taking Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies!

January 16, 2023

Full-spectrum CBD gummies have become quite popular amongst athletes to support muscle recovery, reduce inflammation and deal with the anxiety of competing healthily and naturally. CBD, a powerful chemical compound within the cannabis plant, has been shown to have various health benefits. Full-spectrum CBD gummy's major advantage over other CBD types is that it contains a large spectrum (no pun intended) of beneficial compounds that includes CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. Below we will explore the top 10 questions surrounding the conversation about the use of full-spectrum CBD gummies for athletes.

Are There Benefits Of Taking Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies For Athletes?

The leading benefits that get the most buzz for athletes using a full-spectrum CBD regimen include reducing inflammation, supporting muscle recovery, and improving sleep. This is because CBD interacts directly with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates a wide array of bodily functions. With this activation of the endocannabinoid system, CBD will reduce inflammation and improve overall well-being. Additionally, CBD has been shown to work quite amazingly for sleep, many athletes can have their sleep schedule thrown off, and CBD helps regulate this to a great degree.

How Do Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies Help With Muscle Recovery And Inflammation?

As mentioned above, full-spectrum CBD gummies activate the ECS; this triggers a reaction to reduce inflammation by blocking the production of pro-inflammatory compounds in the body. Another key aspect of the positive impact of this ECS reaction to CBD is on the growth and repair of muscle tissue. At the end of the day, training at high levels and frequently can separate athletes, which plays into recovery and lowered inflammation and proper sleep go a long way here.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects Of Taking Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies For Athletes?

There has not been a tremendous amount of study compared to the effects of FDA-regulated supplements; however, CBD has no addictive properties, is all-natural, and shows no actual harmful side effects. Some people report drowsiness after taking CBD or in the morning upon waking up. However, this is often a dosage issue. Plus, total newcomers to CBD will usually feel slightly groggy the first few mornings after taking CBD before bed. Still, after a few days, when the body acclimates to it, that typically goes away.

Can Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies Be Used As A Pre-Workout Supplement?

Not many people use full-spectrum CBD as a "pre-workout" supplement, in the traditional sense at least, meaning a pre-workout that will get you amped up and fully energized to crush a considerable weight lifting or cardio session. In fact, it would probably be a rather unwise idea to use CBD in this manner, as it lowers anxiety and often will make you feel somewhat sleepy. Remember, it is incredible at helping regulate sleep, the opposite of getting pumped for the gym! However, it does help tremendously as a supplement, as mentioned above, to regulate sleep and inflammation, which are vital to muscle growth and recovery.

How Do Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies Compare To Other CBD Products, Such As Oils Or Capsules, For Athletes?

There is little of a difference; it comes down to preference. Some athletes with stringent diets may avoid CBD gummies, as they are candies that do contain sugar. In contrast, other athletes consider their nightly CBD gummy regimen a treat, as you only need a few for effect.

Are There Any Specific Dosage Recommendations For Athletes Taking Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies?

Unfortunately, there are no one-size-fits-all accurate dosage recommendations for CBD, mainly because everyone's body is different. Understandably, the 350lb linebacker may need a higher dose to feel the effects than a 150lb long-distance runner. There are serving sizes listed on all CBD products on Best Buds, but it is recommended, no matter what, to start on the lower end and scale up as needed to find the sweet spot that helps for recovery, anxiety relief, and aids in proper sleep.

How Do Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies Impact Performance During Training Or Competition?

This ties back into the question about using full-spectrum CBD as a pre-workout supplement. In most situations, an athlete would not actually take CBD directly before engaging in athletic competition, as you need to be fully alert and energized; CBD helps relax and get to sleep!

It may be beneficial if an athlete is extremely nervous and anxiety-riddled before performing. A minimal dose of CBD may help take the edge off and allow the athlete to focus on performing.

Are There Any Concerns About Taking Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies & Drug Testing For Athletes?

Thankfully, CBD is not listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) list of banned substances. Still, it is always smart and mindful to check with your local government or regulating athletic organizations before taking any new supplement. Additionally, it is essential to understand that full-spectrum CBD gummies have a minimal amount of THC (0.3% or less), the psychoactive compound associated with smoking weed. This amount of THC is too negligible to elicit any feeling of being "high"; however, over time, it can build in your system and potentially trigger a failed drug test.

Can Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies Be Used With Other Supplements Or Medications For Athletes?

This really is a question best left answered by your doctor that is prescribing your other medications or supplements. For example, if you're currently taking another sleep supplement, it may not be wise to take CBD on top of that; perhaps your doctor would recommend one over the other. Hence, why this is best to speak with your doctor about if you take other supplements and medications.




Are There Any Notable Athletes Who Currently Use Or Have Used Full-Spectrum CBD As Part Of Their Training Regimen?

Yes, numerous athletes have spoken out about the benefits of CBD in their athletic careers, including:

Rob Gronkowski - NFL Star
Eugene Monroe - NFL Star
Megan Rapinoe - US Women's Soccer
George Kruis - Rugby Star
James Haskell - Rugby Star
Ben Franks - Rugby Star
Mike Tyson - Legendary Boxer
Nate Diaz - UFC Champion
Kieran Kevan - Body Building
Paul Pierce - NBA Star

In conclusion, there are some very key benefits that a full-spectrum CBD regimen can have on athletes. Quality sleep is imperative for all levels of athletic competition, whether you're just lifting weights to make impressive gains at the gym or at high levels of athletic competition. Managing excess inflammation in the body helps with recovery, muscle repair, and growth. And, of course, managing anxiety can have mental health benefits for anyone competing athletically.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits of CBD for athletes, another hot product line for athletes is CBD pain relief management products such as pain roll-ons, creams, salves and balms. These products can help target very specific areas on the body that may be dealing with muscle soreness, cramping or other injury related pain.

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