Remission Nutrition & Best Buds CBD Store Team Up In 2022 With Strategic Partnership

Posted by Stephen Bis on

Remission Nutrition proudly states that we are "a company grown straight from the heart", but in reality, it goes much, much deeper.  In fact, Remission Nutrition is a direct result of inspiration and resilience forged in heartbreak.  Founder, Anthony Florio, lost his only sister to colon cancer 10 years ago and after his friend, Cheryl Goff, lost her brother to Leukemia in June of 2020, they joined forces to help other families in their literal battle of a lifetime.  Remission Nutrition is a Chef-curated, vegan meal prep company geared towards cancer patients, survivors, those suffering from autoimmune diseases, as well as those striving to lead a healthier lifestyle through the unbelievable benefits of a plant-based diet.

In December of 2021, Remission Nutrition hosted their official launch party and decided to use that as a platform to raise money to donate their meals to patients and families in need.  This event quickly morphed from a launch party to a new-found pursuit to expand Remission Nutrition's charitable component and decided they wanted to continue their efforts to help others through ongoing fundraising efforts in order to donate their meals.  While they may be a new company, their reach has gone from the Tri-State area and the East Coast to now, nationwide, as a direct result of their passion and drive, and they have no intentions of stopping, while always keeping in mind their mission to guide you into remission.

On Saturday, January 22nd, Remission Nutrition will be hosting its second event at The Den Kitchen + Bar in Ft. Lauderdale in honor of what would be Senior Airman Elliott Goff's 29th Birthday.  Given the long-standing friendship between Anthony & Cheryl it is only too fitting that they decided to partner with long-time best friends, Justin Davenport & Steven Bis, the owners of Best Bud's CBD Store, another company proudly educating people on the unbelievable health benefits of CBD, as well as providing, directly to consumers, another plant-based alternative to standard pharmaceuticals.