New Full Spectrum CBD - Rainbow Drops and Blue Drops

New Full Spectrum CBD - Rainbow Drops and Blue Drops

August 18, 2022

        Healing Nation full spectrum CBD rainbow drop gummiesHealing Nation Full Spetrum CBD Blue Drop Gummies

New Rainbow Drop and Blue Drop Gummies Now In Stock! 

Thats right folks you heard it right! We have new flavors of Healing Nation full spectrum CBD gummies!  These are two new flavors jam packed with 20mg (per gummy) of the same high quality full spectrum CBD we all know and love! 

I have a chance to try both of these new flavors and I gotta say I’m impressed and the Blue Drops are my new favorite CBD gummy flavor. I know, I know, that’s a bold statement to make. The Blue Drops are actually that good, if you like blueberry gummies. 

The Rainbow Drops are a close second with a blend of multiple flavors its a flavor explosion in you mouth!  These drops are 20mg per drop and pack a punch! I take only one of these 20 min before bed to insure quality sleep throughout the night. 

Next time you are on our site shopping for your next jar of CBD keep these two new options in mind! 

You can find them in the Full Spectrum CBD section of our site or just click any of the pics in this blog for a direct link to the pages.