Let's Debunk Some Popular Delta 8 THC Myths!

Let's Debunk Some Popular Delta 8 THC Myths!

March 23, 2022

delta 8 thc myths

In the past two years, the popularity of Delta 8 has risen dramatically. But unfortunately, a ton of misinformation concerning Delta 8 has been circulating due to its quick rise. With Delta 8 being so politicized, finding truthful and reliable information can be difficult.

Below we will tackle some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding Delta 8 THC products. You may think we are biased since we sell these products on our site, but we feel it's essential for people to understand the product in detail.

Before we jump into dispelling the Delta 8 myths, let's first get a base understanding of what Delta 8 is. Delta 8 THC is found in the cannabis plant, yup, that's right, the same plant that marijuana comes from. So the illegal chemical in marijuana that causes people to get "high" is Delta 9 THC. There is one primary molecular difference between the two, which is the carbon chain position.

In Delta 8, the double-bond is on the 8th carbon, and with Delta 9.....it's on the.....you guessed it, 9th carbon. This minor difference is a big deal, as the intensity of the euphoric high feeling is much less with Delta 8 than Delta 9.

Myth #1: Delta 8 THC Is Illegal

Incorrect, Delta 8 THC is federally legal if derived from the hemp plant. In 2018, major legislation was passed, the "Farm Bill of 2018" or the Agriculture Bill. The bill legalized the farming, production, and use of hemp as long as it contained less than 0.3% THC, and this bill refers to Delta 9 THC, not Delta 8!

We hear some people raise concerns asking whether Delta 8 could be made illegal. It is of our opinion and many others that this will not happen. In fact, the trend has been that state by state we're seeing more legalize the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana and Delta 9 THC.

So it seems very unlikely and unprogressive to go the opposite direction and start outlawing Delta 8, not to mention the adversity such legislation would face if some lawmakers attempted to go down that path.

Myth #2: Since Delta 8 Is Federally Legal, It's Legal Everywhere

Unfortunately, this is incorrect. Yes, Delta 8 is federally legal; however, several states have outlawed it or heavily regulated it. Placing it in a semi-grey zone, depending on your state. Below is the current map showing the legality status across the US. We cannot ship Delta 8 THC products to the states below to comply with state laws. Unfortunately, if an order comes through, we would have to refund it.


delta 8 thc legal status map across usa

Myth #3: Delta 8 THC Is A Synthetic Version Of Weed

Here is another false myth, but the confusion is understandable. While yes Delta 8 is produced in a lab, it is a naturally occurring process, and the lab only serves to provide the ideal conditions for this natural reaction to occur.

Delta 8's legal status rides on this distinction of it not being considered "synthetic." The reason being there is an interim rule set by the DEA that makes any synthetic THC illegal. Therefore if Delta 8 is synthetically created, it carries the same Schedule 1 Drug status that its more notorious cousin Delta 9 does.

The process needed to isolate Delta 8 THC is what some lawmakers are using to argue it is "synthetic." However, natural Delta 8 THC is far different than the large number of synthetic THC creations that have been proven to be harmful.

So as you can see, Delta 8 THC not being synthetic is quite a big deal, and just because something comes from a lab doesn't mean it's not naturally occurring, a concept that is hard for many to wrap their heads around initially.

Myth #4: Delta 8 THC Is Dangerous

To date, no significant or detrimental side effects have been shown from Delta 8 THC consumption. However, the side effects are similar to that of consuming Delta 9, such as cottonmouth, red eyes, short-term memory loss, and an increased appetite.

With Delta 8 having such less potency, it takes quite a considerable amount to feel overly intense. As a result, you're far less likely to experience the anxiety and paranoia associated with smoking weed.

Myth #5: Delta 8 Is 100% Safe

Anything can be misused in a way that can end up being considered dangerous; Delta 8 is no different. However, much like smoking regular marijuana, there is no known way to actually "overdose."

However, driving while consuming Delta 8 or operating heavy machinery or other similar activities wouldn't be advised.

When people refer to actual Delta 8 being harmful, it's regarding sketchy vendors who use additives to increase potency or leave dangerous chemicals from the manufacturing process. Thus truly emphasizing that you trust and know your source of Delta 8 and that they sell quality products with no additives.

It should also be noted that Delta 8 shouldn't be consumed by those who are pregnant. If you are using prescription medications, it's highly recommended to consult with your physician first before consuming Delta 8.

Myth #6: Delta 8 Is Highly Addictive

It must be stated that anything can become habit-forming; we humans are, after all, creatures of habit. However, there is nothing that is actually addictive about Delta 8 itself. Unlike other notorious drugs and even legal substances such as coffee, cigarettes, or alcohol, there is no known physical addictive pull to Delta 8; it usually is mental, which brings us to the next point.

People seek release and escape from the trappings of the real world and everyday life in one form or another. Some deal with pain or depression, while others aren't happy with their life situation; whatever the case may be, humans will seek stimulation to escape from their problems.

For some people, having a drink at the end of the day relieves stress and tension; for others, it may be a Delta 8 gummy. No chemical is inherently good or bad; it's the relationship people form with it that can be good or bad.

Myth #7: Delta 8 THC Will Pass A Drug Test

Unfortunately, this is not true; drug tests cannot differentiate between Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC. So if you have consumed Delta 8 within 30 days of a drug test, there is a legit risk of failing it.

Myth #8: Delta 8 Is New

Since Delta 8 is naturally occurring in the cannabis plant, which has been on this planet for millions of years, it's not new. It was, however, first discovered in 1965 alongside Delta 9 and CBD by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam.

The rise in popularity comes from the legalization of CBD from the hemp bill in 2018. However, the oversupply of CBD made suppliers seek other uses for the CBD, and using Mechoulam's process of isolation, found Delta 8.

So, therefore, it is "new" to the market, and that is about it.

Why The Truth Matters

We live in an age rife with misinformation and misdirection. And sadly, misinformation can often be exciting, which only spreads it faster and can cloud people's perception and judgment of something, and Delta 8 is no different.

It's important that people understand the truth about Delta 8 and do not help spread lies and misinformation that can only help embroil and encourage lawmakers to take unneeded regulatory action. While you may or may not enjoy the effects of Delta 8, keep in mind many do not only enjoy it but need it. Not every state allows access to medical marijuana, and even in those that do, not everyone wants marijuana itself and would prefer the more mellow vibe from consuming Delta 8.

We hope this post helped clear up some of the misconceptions out there around Delta 8, and of course, you know where to order yours! Please check out our ever-growing collection of Delta 8 edible products.